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What is Ecommerce AI?

Artificial intelligence in ecommerce uses collected data to improve your store. Increase sales by creating personalized user experiences or improve operations by automating everyday tasks.

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Benefits of artificial intelligence

  • Increase sales with hyper-personalized shopping experiences and marketing

  • Add uniques shopping features like chat bots and voice or image search

  • Increase operational efficiency with automated business operations

  • Decrease inventory and logistics costs with smart stock levels and pricing

Features you can build

Use any aspect of AI technology to increase sales, operations, or logistics efficiency. Or use AI throughout your store for the ultimate, smart marketplace. 

Decrease Cart

Use customer data to find users that will convert and automatically reach those that abandon carts.

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Better Search

Offer contextualized and personalized search results by efficiently analyzing text and user behavior.

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Voice and
Image Search

Let customers search for products by asking Alexa and Google Assistant or uploading an image.

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Target and

Collect data about buyer behavior and intent, then reach them wherever they are on the web.

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Chatbots and
Customer Service

Interact with shoppers 24/7 and improve customer service by using smart chat bots and virtual assistants.

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Smart Logistics
and Inventory

By analyzing performance of products, you can store exactly what you need and restock at the right time.

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What Our Clients Say

Highly Flexible Integrated Online Marketplace

SHUUP offers complete flexibility in its marketplace platform. Our organization requires a unique hierarchy, multi-level access, and custom payment and transfer setup. The SHUUP team is knowledgable in all aspects of building out a marketplace and was able to not only guide our decision in third-party integration but build the platform within the time, scope and budget we allotted. The development team is easy to work with, quick to respond and understanding. We’ve launched the MVP of our platform and I cannot wait to dive into more enhancements with the SHUUP Team.

SHUUPS Marketplace platform is agnostic to third-party integrations. The development team has been able to integrate with as many third-party partners and as custom as we would like. It’s truly a custom-built platform. The team offers a template that’s very user friendly but they also have the ability to redesign to your liking.

Taylor S., Product Manager, Real Estate

I would recommend Shuup as the Software Developers of Choice.

From Sales through to Development and Support they have gone above and beyond to build out a bespoke Marketplace Platform to match my complex requirements and value for money has been on point. From the outset Shuup took the time to understand my goals and ideas and worked very closely with me to build a responsive website that has met the needs for my business. The team have been very flexible with changes that I have requested during sprints but also honest if not possible. They always have a solution or a suggestion to help improve your features which have always been welcomed. I look forward to working with Shuup for the foreseeable future and very happy to be partnering with such a great team.

Vipul P., CEO & Founder of Mystr33t

Amazing Solution After a Long Search

They’ve been a great help, I started not only with the exiting platform but with additional customization and development hours for front-end and back-end features. They’ve been extremely helpful and very responsive, very understanding of our goals, and have also encouraged new ones and found solutions during our collaboration online and over the phone. They have a great team, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a smart and hard-working team that gets done with they promise, great service and company.

The best part of this platform is the existing tools and growing index, it was exactly what we needed when it comes to a marketplace and had just about everything already in place for our extensive needs.

Amazing Solution After a Long Search

I enjoyed the working experience, communication and delivery to performance so much I brought to them another development platform much larger than my original one. I have already recommended them to other business associates. Good rates, great service, they listen, they ask lots of questions, they aim to provide you exactly what you want and if it will cost a little bit more, they are up front and honest about the extra costs and the challenges that bring them to those extra costs, otherwise known as honesty.

The software is simplistic in design and function but robust in the power from behind the scenes. Once I got the hand of setting up vendors on my platform I was able to customize it according to my vendors and consumers needs. The look and feel of the site is not over the top, is easy to navigate and provides my market with an easy to use application.

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Natural Language Processing

AI uses NLP to study the language used by your users like in search queries and customer service requests.


Machine Learning

AI uses ML to analyze your data, identify patterns, and make decisions or changes to the system without your intervention.



Create ecommerce AI solutions to increase sales, improve operations,  lower costs, and more.


Sales systems that learn to convert users

Offer users tailored shopping experiences using their past purchase behavior. Use automated marketing to reach them everywhere on the web.

  • Provide contextualized search with accurate, tailored results

  • Increase interaction and give relevant answers 24/7 with chat bots

  • Recommendation engines display exactly what users want

  • Display personalized ads and promotions at exactly the right time

ecommerce ai - Sales systems that learn to convert users

Optimized operations that run themselves

AI analyzes commerce processes to predict what you should do next. Daily processes are automated so you can focus on your core business.

  • Increase productivity by automating and improving repetitive tasks

  • Automate marketing to convert customers without lifting a finger

  • Provide 24/7 customer service without hiring in every timezone

  • Use smart machines and robots to handle physical tasks

ecommerce ai - Operations that optimize and run themselves (1)

Logistics systems that become more efficient

Automatically calculate carrying costs and analyze product performance and trends. Cut costs throughout your back-office operations.

  • Find the most efficient delivery routes for your shipments

  • Analyze logistics processes to find more effective methods

  • Reduce overhead with quantitative forecasts for inventory

  • Track seasonal trends to maximize your holiday sales

ecommerce ai - Logistics systems that become more efficient (1)

How it works?

Our AI and ecommerce experts will build the exact marketplace you envision. We work alongside you every step of the way.

ecommerce ai - how it works

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