Meet Shuupster:

 Tamara Fuchs

Role: Growth and People Manager
Lives: in Long Island, NY, USA
Education: M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

About Tamara’s life

Tamara was born and raised in New York, U.S. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family and exploring Long Island during the summer time. She says, “Nothing beats going to the beach on a hot summer’s day or visiting the wineries with some friends.”

About Tamara’s Education 

She completed her B.A. in general psychology at Hawaii Pacific University in Hawaii, U.S. Early on in her education, she realized that she had a passion for psychology and helping others, but didn’t want to follow a traditional clinical path. This is where she fell in love with studying and analyzing workplace behavioral psychology. She notes that, “It is the perfect blend between understanding people–the psychology– and analytical science–the human resources side of Industrial and Organizational psychology.” 

Once she completed her undergraduate degree, she went on to complete her M.S. in Industrial and Organizational psychology at Baruch College in New York City. She was eager to find an opportunity to showcase her newly-learned skills and expertise at a new company. She was looking for a company that would not only allow her to do this, but that would continuously challenge her. This is what initially drew her to Shuup.

Tamara & Shuup

Tamara started her career with Shuup in November 2020. As a Growth and People Manager, she gets to work with all Shuupster personnel on a regular basis as well as communicate with Shuupster customers through marketing and email campaigns. She says, “It’s the best of both worlds!” 

She’s worked diligently with Shuup to build out  their overall internal culture through engagement surveys and streamlined performance reviews. Tamara admits that her favorite thing about Shuup has been how supportive they are when it comes to trying new and creative things within the organization. She says that this is the key to a successful company and happy personnel.


Tamara’s Inspiration

Tamara’s inspiration is simple: be better than you were the day before. She says this advice is what she follows in all aspects of her life including in her work. She says, “I just want to always be improving, growing, and learning as an individual. I mean that’s really how we live our best lives and maximize our potential right? What is really cool is that Shuup allows me to do this in my work, but also gives me things to think about when off the clock.”



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