any ecommerce sites using shuup?

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any ecommerce sites using shuup?2018-03-16T15:53:01+00:00
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  • Ericmachine88ericmachine88
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    Hi everyone
    I saw those listed in showcase, but it seems small players.
    Unlike saleor, has 1 project but claimed to be millions of transactions (if not mistaken). But the site is down, not sure why.
    Is shoop able to handle as good as saleor or comparable to magento/drupal commerce?
    Any help? Thanks.

  • Shuupshuup
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    We built Shuup to be a better alternative to Magento. It is designed to be extremely scalable and customizable and should easily handle any transaction load.
    Our showcase sites are quite large players in Europe. Some of them, like Matkahuolto, handle hundreds of thousands of transactions. We are also currently working on some large-scale American projects with Shuup that will be added to the Showcase when complete.

  • Ericmachine88ericmachine88
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    Thanks Mikko 🙂

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