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    Be Kind To Others

    We’re all here to be creative, to learn about SHUUP, and to build great stores. Please don’t use offensive or indecent language and don’t harass other users on the site. Hate speech and racial slurs are also, obviously, forbidden.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Respect The Privacy Of Others

    Did someone communicate something to you in private, SHUUP related or otherwise? Don’t post it here.

    This Is Not A Place To Sell Stuff

    Got a commercial service or product you want to sell to SHUUP users? This is not the place to do that, and we’ll immediately block anyone spamming the forums with ads.

    Respect Others’ Intellectual Property

    It’s not allowed to post content that someone else wrote unless you have their permission.

    These Forums Are Public

    Search engines and non-SHUUP members can access some sections of these forums. Please act accordingly. You’re accountable to the rest of the world for what you do and say here.

    Stay On Topic

    Digressions are fun for the person writing them, but not so much for the reader. Please try to stay within the topic of a discussion, and start a new one if you want to change the topic.

    There Are Limits

    To discourage spamming/trolling of forums we place a limit on the number of discussions that a free user can create within a certain time period.
    We’re sure that nearly everyone will be cool with this. If you don’t want to follow the rules, however, then don’t post… or your account could be blocked.

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