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      Alright”, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      though all this is in very conceptual level,” I thought it would be fun to shed some light to one of the features I’ve been planning lately. I call this for now a “”Campaign and Discount Engine””. The big idea behind this is to be able to provide discounts or campaigns per product”, product group, customer, customer group or whatnot.. Some of the eCommerce platforms provide somewhat of a complex to use and decentralized implementations of these kind of tools let’s say for instance you need to manage discount in three different views and surf through various menu’s to enable a campaign for a product, to target different kind of discounts to a certain user groups, or can’t really target a campaign per shipping method.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      What I had in mind is anyways something a little different.. We are focusing to create a centralized discount management tool for our merchants. In this concept a merchant may use a simple guided wizard kind of tool to create a campaign, set it’s prefences and target it with just a few clicks.
      **In brief – workflow in shop admin:**
      * **Create campaign:** Set time period (date picker), name the campaign so after a week or two it’s easier for you to figure out what’s going on in your campaign :)
      * **Set customer groups:** Select customer groups and/or customers that are allowed to redeem the campaign (may pick several) (NOTE: There’s also nice new customer group tools coming up, i’ll tell you about these later ))
      * **Select Products:** Select product groups and/or products that the pricing campaign (may pick several or all the products in the shop)
      * **Set the discount:** Discount percentage, or discount amount in shop currency
      * **Taxes:** Choose if the discount is with taxes or without tax?
      * **Discount code:** Check if the campaign is only available with a discount code. Type the code (might also be handy to just be able to generate the code?)
      * If discount code: How many available
      * If discount code: How many available for each user
      * **Cart rules:** Customer may redeem the campaign if (s)he has X amount of products in their basket
      * **Cart rules:** Customer may redeem the campaign if (s)he has products in their basket for certain amount of money (shipping excluded)
      * Etc..
      Obviously campaigns like free shipping per shipping method,” “”Buy X of these products and get Y product for free”” -campaigns and all that kinds of stuff is in agenda too… What else”, pluggable rules (select pretty much whatever value as a campaign condition), external campaigns through directed email marketing etc., the list goes on.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      As you may see, with this kind of concept the merchant may build practically any kind of discounts and target them to any of the customer groups. However, there is a problem..
      This will allow merchants to create drastically complex discount rules and campaigns,” that may and at some point will conflict. For instance customer X may have several discount percentages and this will allow over 100% discounts.. This kind of “”mega-campaigns”” wouldn’t really make the business fly so to say.. :) Not very practical”, right?
      **So, there are a few things that we can do in situations like this:**
      * Have a “minimum price” for product. This way the product would not be sold under this minimum price under any circumstances. Easy and effective.
      * In conflicting discounts (several -30% discounts for instance) just roughly calculate all the discounts together allowing the merchant to offer over 100% discounts, not very nice and bit of a challenging to make this usable and crystal clear in the UI.
      * Another option is to give discount from previously already discounted price. Meaning not just calculate all the discounts together lilke 10%+5%+10% = -25% discount, but instead calculate new discount after the previous discounted price.. To my understanding at least Prestashop does this with group discounts and campaigns.. In this kind of implementation the question is, how do we know,” which discount is “”discount after a discounts””? So we need prioritizing”,” or “”primary campaigns”” or something”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      * Another option in conflicting situations is to offer the end-user the highest discount of all the campaigns (meaning,” the “”customer always get’s the best price””)”, or offer lowest discount of all the campaigns, when merchant wins.. :),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      * Or even better, let merchant decide with a flip of a switch how these discounts should work??!
      Pretty tempting! Anyways, everything I just posted here is *VERY conceptual and not description of the final working product*,” but instead just a “”flow of ideas”” put on paper..”
      Let me know what you think! :)
      Product Owner of Shuup

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