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Shuup version 0.4.6 released!2018-02-26T09:57:44+00:00
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  • Jannejanne
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    This version is packed with new features again and the highlights are listed here.


    Regions are now easily selectable in frontend and
    in admin and are properly shown for countries using them.


    Importer is added to allow merchants easily import
    csv and excel files. Product and customer importers
    are now available and more will be added later.


    Carousel is now part of Shuup. The reason this was moved
    into the base distribution was because it’s so heavily
    used it makes no sense to have it in separate addon.
    Note! Instances using shuup-carousel addon should be updated to use
    this new app. There is no migration tools for old carousel and the old
    carousels and slides needs to be copied manually to new app before
    removing shuup-carousel addon from installed apps.
    Bigger fixes include a fix to the way pricing is being handled in
    Shuup. We also unified the address forms.
    For all changes see the full [Changelog]

  • Tulimakitulimaki
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    [Shuup v0.4.6.1] is now released that will fix some issues with the latest features.

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