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    Understandably supported browsers is a question one is most keen to get an answer. Our sole focus is to extend testing all the time to new browsers and operating systems but I thought it was in order to give you some list of how we progress with browsers we focus our testing effort into.
    SHOOP OS 1.0
    With our initial launch version we prioritize our testing effort on latest Chrome versions (42 and onwards as they progress) and Safari (S8)
    SHOOP OS 1.1
    After initial launch being out we start to extend testing to other browsers and first on the list are IE (11.0 and newer as they progress) and Firefox (FF37 and newer as they progress).
    Then I try to answer some of the questions this list might cause 🙂
    What?!?!? Are you saying that you only test with Chrome and Safari on OS 1.0
    No. What I am saying is that our major effort goes to those two (2) mentioned browsers. We do however test with lighter setup other browsers as well. These include browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera and Yandex
    What about operating system?
    Excellent question. Yes, these are paired commonly and I will get back to you with list of operating systems paired with these browsers so start holding your breath – well not really 🙂 but list will be available on these forums later on.
    Meanwhile if you are encountering issues with your Shoop, let us know.
    Teemu Selkälä
    Software Tester

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