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Project Description

Case Study: B2B Fashion Wholesaler and B2C Retail POS

Running on outdated e-commerce and point of sale systems, the customer needed robust custom system to handle their B2B and B2C clothing sales.  As one of the leading fashion wholesalers in the nation, they needed a B2B operations system that could automate in-house supply purchasing and streamline their B2B sales. Through a customized Shuup E-commmerce portal with delivery integrations, they are now efficiently selling and shipping to fashion retailers globally. They can also restock and control shipments from their source suppliers. They also distribute directly to their B2C retail stores in shopping outlets and malls.

In their brick and mortar stores, Shuup Point of Sale syncs data and inventories with their B2B e-commerce system. The POS streamlines employee sales efforts, making work hours more productive and increasing sales. They can efficiently re-stock inventory and sync logistics with their B2B backend.

The customer steadily increases its global B2B reach and revenue with an international e-commerce site, and increases profits from retail customers through efficient in-store operations and inventory management.



  • Create a B2B operations system that can automate process between the company and its suppliers and B2B customers.
  • Create a B2C operations system that includes an e-commerce store and point of sale for retail locations.
  • Create a single operations control panel to control both the B2B and B2C sides of operations.
  • Sync data about suppliers, inventory, sales, and customers between the B2B and B2C operations systems.


  • The client is steadily growing to be one of the biggest global fashion wholesalers through efficient B2B management.
  • Retail sales have steadily increased across their e-commerce site and brick and mortar locations.
  • Inventories and supply chain are synced between suppliers, B2B warehouses, and retail locations.
  • Operations are fully controlled from a single dashboard by a single user

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