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Project Description

Case Study: Cruise Ship Fleet Point of Sale

The customer was running a basic point of sale system on each of their ships, but the systems did not sync inventory and data between each other. This made for inconsistent resupply options, especially in the spare area of the world they conducted business.

They needed a robust POS system that could handle their complex inventories between ships and supply points.

Shuup Point of Sale connects data between fleet ships from sales, inventories, supply points, and crew hours. Data syncs between ships in real-time via the ships onboard satellite internet, and if disconnected, re-syncs upon reconnection.

Custom point of sale software has turned the customer’s small side venture onboard their voyages, into profitable sales avenues.


customer case cruise ship point of sale multi vendor software multivendor


  • Securely sync sales and inventory data between ships and supply points.
  • Enable sync and re-sync capabilities for substandard network connections.
  • Create an easy, manageable POS specifically tailored for onboard crew and ship provisions.
  • Enable efficient deployment of system to new fleet ships.
customer case cruise ship point of sale multi vendor software multivendor


  • The small cruise fleet has inventories synced in real-time between ships.
  • Resupply runs are now much more efficiant in terms of proper inventory amounts between runs and saving fuel for wasted trips.
  • Individual pharmacies enjoy their own custom e-commerce offering and can market themselves to their customers.
  • Crew work has been streamlined enabling them to shift efforts to other needed areas.

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