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Project Description

Case Study: Pet Supply Retail Chain E-commerce, POS, and Delivery

The customer needed to make the big move online, syncing their retail locations with online inventories and delivery locations. Their chain of pet supply stores was growing rapidly with in-store traffic, and also receiving an ever increasing demand for delivered products.

Shuup E-commerce, POS, and Delivery modules connect their brick-and-mortar and online worlds. Each individual store sells through its own customized point of sale terminals. Sales, inventories, and re-stock amounts are synced between all locations and their online store. Customers can order local delivery online from their closest location, and drivers are sent orders to their customized driver apps.

The customer’s online sales have steadily increased since the launch of their e-commerce site and they have grown to be the top local pet supply delivery company. In-store sales and walk-ins are also now more efficient, with custom POS usability and better inventory control.


customer case pet supply ecommerce, pos, delivery multi vendor software multivendor


  • Create a stunning e-commerce site that attracts and converts sales.
  • Sync inventories between all physical locations and with e-commerce inventories for efficient logistics.
  • Create an easy, manageable Point of Sale specifically tailored for pet store inventories and workers.
  • Create a business operations system that allows for unlimited growth to be managable.
customer case pet supply ecommerce, pos, delivery multi vendor software multivendor


  • Over a dozen physical locations real-time sync inventory, sales, customer, and employee work data with their E-commerce store.
  • Restocking and logistics are now manageable and efficient.
  • E-commerce and delivery sales steadily increase and are easily manageable.
  • Employee efficiency is way up and systems are in place to handle store and e-commerce site growth.

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