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Project Description

Case Study: Association of Pharmacy Owners

The customer needed to connect and sync patient and prescription data for hundreds of individual European pharmacies, each with their own CMS and online store.

Shuup Shop-in-Shop enables a complex network of connected HIPAA and HITRUST compliant e-commerce sites. Each pharmacy can individually brand and market their own online stores, while complying with government regulations.

Pharmacies can subscribe and setup their own e-commerce site through the customer’s subscription service e-commerce site.



  • Securely sync customer and prescription data between stores.
  • Help ensure pharmacies easily meet pharmaceutical regulations.
  • Create an easy, manageable CMS specifically tailored for pharmacy workers.
  • Ensure individual pharmacies can join the network and market their individual e-commerce stores.


  • Hundreds of pharmacies have monthly subscription plans with the customer, with more constantly joining.
  • Pharmacy owners and employees have an easy to use system to stay on track of customers and prescriptions.
  • Individual pharmacies enjoy their own custom e-commerce offering and can market themselves to their customers.
  • HIPPAA and HITRUST secure software with government regulations built in, ensures all pharmacies are compliant.

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