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Project Description

Case Study: Restaurant POS and Online Delivery

The customer needed to modernize their restaurant with a custom POS for attached restaurant and coffee house. They also wanted to go online by offering a daily updated online menu with coupons and sales connected to a popular 3rd party delivery service.

The customized Shuup Point of Sale allows for the restaurant to share 3 separate pay stations for the restaurant and 1 for the coffee house. Product offerings can be split to have different menus running out of the same kitchen. Employee efficiency is increased through lightning fast touch POS Elo Touch machines running simple, intuitive POS software.

The online menu provides an avenue for driving foot traffic to the restaurant and rewarding loyal customers who sign-up for rewards. Delivery of online orders is now is now possible without having to hire in-house delivery drivers.



  • Create a custom POS for multiple paypoints, that is easy to learn and fast to use.
  • Sync multiple paypoints and allow for separate menu ordering between the restaurant and coffee house.
  • Allow customers to view the restaurant menu and join for rewards and coupons.
  • Allow online ordering of delivery by connecting to a popular 3rd party delivery service.


  • The customer now enjoys increased employee efficiency, table turnover speed, and customer satisfaction from better service.
  • The restaurant better handles restocking of ingredients from custom synced POS systems.
  • The customer has a new revenue stream through delivery without having to hire and manage additional staff.

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