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Project Description

Case Study: Anime Streaming Subscription Service

The customer wanted to create the next big streaming service, specifically focused on anime.

Shuup E-commerce and digital goods provides the backbone for their monthly subscription based video streaming website. Patrons pay monthly for access to thousands of anime related movies, videos, and clips. Users can also upload their own creations and finds for the public to see.

Shuup E-commerce secures access, locks in digital video rights, and prevents downloads of digital content so the customer can ensure they keep their material while increasing content value. The customer has also seen steady increases in traffic, subscription revenue, and exposure through customized SEO and marketing modules.



  • Create a traffic and revenue generating subscription streaming e-commerce site.
  • Enable secure monthly payments and user account based system.
  • Prevent the downloading or stealing of any copyrighted or owned digital material.
  • Increase exposure, traffic, and sales through custom, innovative marketing and SEO features.


  • The customer now enjoys a steady increase in traffic and subscription revenue.
  • Videos and site content are easily manageable and customized by client tech personnel.
  • Users enjoy thousands of anime related vids through built-in, high quality streaming software.
  • Owned content is secure and protected from digital theft.

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