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Project Description

Case Study: Multi-vendor Workwear Supply Marketplace

The customer controlled a vast network of workwear suppliers and sold their products through a standard e-commerce website. As the number of suppliers, products, and orders continued to increase, they sought to automate their operation through a customize multivendor platform.

Shuup Multivendor enables a complex network of individual shop admin panels for vendors to sell through a single online marketplace. Each workwear vendor can set up their own brand page with unique products, prices, sales, and marketing. The customer admins set permission levels and access for each vendor. They take commissions on every sale through the marketplace and have a tiered commission system to reward the best sellers.

Products from all vendors are collectively shown through a robust, filterable e-commerce store. Customers can purchase products from one or more vendors.

Through a combination of e-commerce and multivendor modules, the client enjoys a steady increase of suppliers, customers, and sales through their automated system.


customer case workwear multi vendor marketplace multi vendor software multivendor


  • Create a multivendor marketplace for workwear that allows for unlimited sellers, controlled by one admin company.
  • Ensure each vendor can market themselves and provide custom discounts, coupon codes, or sales.
  • Allow for easy signup of new vendors and intuitive setup of new internal shops.
  • Monetize vendor sales through sales commissions with tiers and individual commission values.
customer case workwear multi vendor marketplace multi vendor software multivendor


  • Hundreds of individual vendors market and sell their products through the the customer’s online marketplace.
  • The client is earning increasing commissions from steady supplier and customer growth.
  • The customer’s operations are so streamlined, they have reduced staff down to just a handful of support personnel.

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