Shuup Ecommerce Features

Shuup’s default sandbox installation includes built-in ecommerce features and Add-ons plus Shuup’s modern front-end and robust back-end. Customize your marketplace further by developing the core source code directly and by building connections to all your commerce operations software.

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Design Features

Custom Marketplace Branding

Shuup multivendor features make it easy to add your marketplace’s custom branding: logos, landing pages, color themes, and fonts and pages. Keep the look and feel of your site consistent with your brand across all sales channels. Run it all on your own custom domain for a unified experience.

Built-In Page Editor

Shuup’s built-in layout editor is a comprehensive tool for customizing the look and feel of your marketplace. Page containers and visibility setting let you add features like images and product showcases to different sections of each page. You can even add custom CSS to fine tune every detail.

Responsive Design

For users on the go, optimized for every screen. Offer consistent User Experience (UX) across every device and screen size. This will increase conversions and decrease bounce rate.

Highlight Featured or Sale Products

Boost sales by showcasing your top items and featured products. Set time limits and other rules to keep your content fresh.

Promotional Banners and Carousels

Show your best deals, discounts through promotional banners to entice your audience. Set display dates and other settings for automated holiday or timed sales. Shuup campaign and promotional multivendor features convert sales.


A complete content management system to keep your marketplace active with visual content. Create visually stunning blogs and video content to keep customers coming back. Then push content to all your social media channels for complete customer reach.

Branding for Vendors

Vendor’s can also customize their own individual pages or micro-site with their own branding. In a single store-front marketplace where vendor’s sell from the same site, they can add logos, info and color schemes. You can allow them as much customization freedom as you want.

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Unlimited Customizability

Use Shuup’s built-in page editor with Shuup NOW and go completely custom with Shuup NEXT.

Product Management Features

Adding New Products is Easy

Get vendors up and running fast with products you set. Or let them create or upload their own through our easy interface. Add new products in a few clicks and easily create product variations like size or color.

Bulk Product Editing

Save time when you or your vendors update products globally. CSV file Import and Export options let you edit any number of products in seconds. You can update any product parameter including stock levels, price, vendor availability, discounts, categories, and more.

Sell Products, Digital Goods, Rentals, and Services

Shuup multivendor features let you create a marketplace for vendors to sell products, services, or digital downloads. Let vendors take bookings for their services. Build a peer-to-peer rental or streaming portal. Develop a custom a local delivery service with geo-location and distance filters and custom integrations to 3rd party driver tracking software. Shuup Multivendor Software works for any marketplace idea, B2B or B2C.

Import Products, Customers, and Data

Easily re-platform your marketplace to Shuup. Data migration is quick and easy with robust import in CSV format. You can import unlimited products, customers, or other data.

Track Inventory

Robust inventory tracking and notifications make sure your vendors never run out of stock. Track sales and best-selling products to maximize inventory ROI. Vendors can track stock levels and setup notifications like low limit alerts and more. Vendors can also hide out of stock items, allow pre-purchases, or set timed products to go live on restock.

What Our Clients Say

[fusion_testimonials design=”classic” navigation=”yes” speed=”8000″ backgroundcolor=”rgba(246,243,243,0)” textcolor=”#2d2d2d” random=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=””][fusion_testimonial name=”Taylor S.” avatar=”image” image=”×99.png” image_id=”27795|fusion-200″ image_border_radius=”” company=”Product Manager, Real Estate” link=”” target=”_blank”]

Highly Flexible Integrated Online Marketplace

SHUUP offers complete flexibility in its marketplace platform. Our organization requires a unique hierarchy, multi-level access, and custom payment and transfer setup. The SHUUP team is knowledgable in all aspects of building out a marketplace and was able to not only guide our decision in third-party integration but build the platform within the time, scope and budget we allotted. The development team is easy to work with, quick to respond and understanding. We’ve launched the MVP of our platform and I cannot wait to dive into more enhancements with the SHUUP Team.

SHUUPS Marketplace platform is agnostic to third-party integrations. The development team has been able to integrate with as many third-party partners and as custom as we would like. It’s truly a custom-built platform. The team offers a template that’s very user friendly but they also have the ability to redesign to your liking.

[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Vipul P.” avatar=”image” image=”×87.png” image_id=”27794|fusion-200″ image_border_radius=”” company=”CEO & Founder of Mystr33t” link=”” target=”_blank”]

I would recommend Shuup as the Software Developers of Choice.

From Sales through to Development and Support they have gone above and beyond to build out a bespoke Marketplace Platform to match my complex requirements and value for money has been on point. From the outset Shuup took the time to understand my goals and ideas and worked very closely with me to build a responsive website that has met the needs for my business. The team have been very flexible with changes that I have requested during sprints but also honest if not possible. They always have a solution or a suggestion to help improve your features which have always been welcomed. I look forward to working with Shuup for the foreseeable future and very happy to be partnering with such a great team.

[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Julian F.” avatar=”image” image=”” image_id=”27863|full” image_border_radius=”” company=”Chief Information Officer – Transportation/Trucking/Railroad” link=”” target=”_blank”]

Amazing Solution After a Long Search

They’ve been a great help, I started not only with the exiting platform but with additional customization and development hours for front-end and back-end features. They’ve been extremely helpful and very responsive, very understanding of our goals, and have also encouraged new ones and found solutions during our collaboration online and over the phone. They have a great team, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a smart and hard-working team that gets done with they promise, great service and company.

The best part of this platform is the existing tools and growing index, it was exactly what we needed when it comes to a marketplace and had just about everything already in place for our extensive needs.

[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Ian P.” avatar=”image” image=”” image_id=”28397|full” image_border_radius=”” company=”President/Director – Farming” link=”” target=”_blank”]

Amazing Solution After a Long Search

I enjoyed the working experience, communication and delivery to performance so much I brought to them another development platform much larger than my original one. I have already recommended them to other business associates. Good rates, great service, they listen, they ask lots of questions, they aim to provide you exactly what you want and if it will cost a little bit more, they are up front and honest about the extra costs and the challenges that bring them to those extra costs, otherwise known as honesty.

The software is simplistic in design and function but robust in the power from behind the scenes. Once I got the hand of setting up vendors on my platform I was able to customize it according to my vendors and consumers needs. The look and feel of the site is not over the top, is easy to navigate and provides my market with an easy to use application.


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Ecommerce Features

Order Management

Streamlined order management lets you and your vendors handle sales with ease. Create shipments, accept refunds, and more.

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User Management

Manage all your users including vendors, suppliers, customers, and affiliates in one place. Verify and accept new vendors or suppliers through the click of a button.

Order Notifications

With Shuup it is easy to stay on top of orders, shipments, and returns. With automatic notifications, each vendor gets an instant email or text about new orders. As the administrator you can also get notified on order status updates, such as when they are processed, shipped, or cancelled. Keep track of vendor performance easily to keep your marketplace quality consistent.

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Cross-selling, Up-Selling, and Related Products

Increase the average order total by enticing customers to add additional products to their cart. Showcase similar products, products that are often purchased together, what other customers often buy with a product, upgraded versions of products, and more. You can display cross-sells and up-sells to customers on product listing pages and in the basket for one last click.

Wish Lists and Favorites

Let customers save products for later as favorites, keeping them interested in your site and enticing them to return.  They can access their favorites list when logged in through their own member portal. You can offer customers timed discounts on favorite products to convert them into sales.

Sales, Coupon Codes, and Discounts

Grab every opportunity to convert a sale. Create any kind of sales campaign using rules, time, and display settings. You set the conditions to be met for the discount to be applied. Give discounts for baskets over a certain total amount, or when there are multiple items. Discount orders with multiple items of a certain brand or bulk orders. Create timed holiday coupon codes and more with Shuup multivendor features.

shuup - multivendor features - discount campaign rules

Easy, Single Page Checkout

Increase your business internationally. Let customers view your site in the language they prefer or based on their geo-location.  Our language features allow you to translate and edit your marketplace content to different languages of your choice. Vendors can also translate product data and other info.

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Ratings and Reviews

Generate a positive reputation for your marketplace using the built-in review system. Not only does it help in determining high quality products, it also creates accountability and ensures quality control on your products and services. Let customers review not only products, but vendors as well, keeping them in check.

Review Management

Manage every product and vendor review from one dashboard view. You can choose to accept and verify reviews before they go live, ensuring only quality content is showcased on your site. You can also set whether reviews can only be made by users with verified purchases.


Let customers select products or vendors based on their location and distance. Perfect for developing up a custom local delivery network like Postmates, Grubhub, or SkipTheDishes. Build a service network for B2B contractors or agents, or for freelancers like Fivver and Wag. Create a booking service for rentals or services like Airbnb.

Search and Filter

Shuup provides advanced tools for customers to search, categorize, and filter content. Customers can search by keywords, dates, categories, and by location on a map. They can filter and sort by price, name, size, color, vendor distance, rating and more. You can set up categories, subcategories, and numerous custom filters to help people find the right products.

Safe and Secure

Shuup is built on a battle-tested framework and utilizes only the safest means of storing your data and store information. Regular backups of your marketplace and its database happen automatically so you always feel secure. Addons and integrations are also chosen for their security features, including payment gateways with PCI compliance. Never have to worry about security or server issues.

Tax Management

Set product taxes depending on the product category, locations, user group, or business ID. Shuup automates tax calculations with real-time live tax rates with TaxJar for almost any city in the world. Taxes and calculations are recorded by Shuup and can by automatically or manually sent to accounting software.

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International Taxes

Automatically calculate international taxes based on the country of your buyer. Calculations are made using a database of taxes we import with rules and exceptions to properly charge the correct rate including Value Added Tax (VAT). Easily reach buyers around the globe with Shuup multivendor features.

Bookings Management

Create a service or rental marketplace by letting vendors handle bookings and manage availability. Vendors can specify their listing’s availability per day, per night or per hour, and customers can book time slots.


Shuup keeps track of every dollar that goes through the system, including individual vendor sales, taxes, and more.  You can also keep your books in order with a custom integration to your accounting software of choice, such as quickbooks. You can also manually export reports to import into your favorite software.

Shipping Calculations

Setup numerous shipping methods for orders based on many factors. For example, shipping charges can depend on customer’s location, total order cost, weight, or the number of items in the order. Through Shuup’s open API’s and integration possibilities, you can also connect to any other major shipping carrier of your choice, such as FedEx or UPS.

Mobile App

Offer a modern, convenient way to buy from your online marketplace with Shuup NEXT and headless configuration. With a custom built mobile app for iOS and Android, your customers can browse your marketplace, add products to wish lists and carts, and pay all via their phones. All the data is synced with your marketplace so any changes you make will affect the app.

API Access

With Shuup NEXT, you can develop a custom native mobile app, integrate with your legacy third party software, or even build an entirely new marketplace experience. With Shuup API’s, you can connect your multivendor marketplace to virtually any other API enable system. Connect solutions for shipping, payments, marketing, live chat, advertisements, and more.

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Multivendor Features

Multivendor Ecommerce

Multivendor marketplaces instantly gain the product catalogues of all its vendors. This gives customers much more to shop for, increasing its value. Multivendor features let vendors handle the day-to-day sales and handling of products while you focus on managing the marketplace. And you can collect commissions on every sale.

Admin Dashboard

The marketplace administrator manages the entire marketplace from their own admin dashboard.  This includes overseeing and approving vendors, verifying products and listings, and enabling overall marketplace improvements. Shuup makes it easy for you to manage thousands of vendors and millions of product listings.

Separate Vendor Dashboard

Each vendor has a separate dashboard, where they manage their own listings, profile page info, logo and images, shipping zones, methods and rates, and get personalized reports. Multivendor features like Shuup vendor portals make it easy to run a successful, massive marketplace.

shuup - multivendor features - vendor dashboard

Easy Vendor Signup

Along with registration by the store administrator, vendors can easily sign up themselves directly from the storefront. The welcome message on the main dashboard page guides the vendor through the very first steps and provides other relevant info. With vendor subscription plans, vendors can simply pick the best plan or commission model and get started.

Fast Vendor Setup

Vendors can sell within minutes of registering to your marketplace. With Shuup, it’s quick and easy for new vendors to create new listings and to begin accepting payments. They can effortlessly add product information, including pricing, geolocation, and images.

Multiple Levels of Administrative Access

Running a large-scale marketplace is much easier when delegating duties to your staff members. Allow your team to manage the marketplace for you by making them administrators, and only give them access they need. Our multivendor features let you setup different levels available to your staff members based on their job position or need. For instance, your web designer can work on the look-and-feel of the marketplace while your sales department processes orders.

Advanced Vendor Restrictions

Take full control over every vendor’s admin panel with multivendor features like vendor restrictions. You can enable and disable menus and set privileges. This hides unnecessary menus and interface elements in the vendor dashboard, leaving only those that are frequently used by vendors. Vendors can enjoy a streamlined, intuitive dashboard with only the things they need.

Vendor Sub-Accounts

Marketplace merchants can create additional accounts to help manage their own inventory and orders for their main selling account. This is similar to the multiple levels of administration access available to your employees.

Multivendor Order Management System

In a multivendor marketplace, customers can buy goods from several vendors in one order. You as the administrator can see both orders, but each vendor can only see the part of the order with their products. Each vendor is then responsible for completing the order of their products. Payments are split automatically by Shuup multivendor features for payments and correct amounts are distributed to each vendor.

shuup - multivendor features - multivendor order management

Adaptive Commissions

Attract more vendors by offering affordable commissions on low-margin product categories. You can also earn more per sale by increasing commissions for high-margin items. This creates fairness in your marketplace rewarding all sellers equally. Commissions amounts can also be set to reward your best sellers. You can set individual commissions manually or automatically based on rules or conditions.

Configurable Vendor Plans

Earn more with vendor monthly subscription payments. You can create subscription plans for vendors with different conditions and limitations. For instance, you can charge more per month for vendors with large numbers of product SKU’s. You can also pre-set commissions for each plan, so vendors can simply choose what suits them best.

Common Products for Vendors

Make your marketplace catalog look nice and consistent by only allowing vendors to sell product listings created and designed by you. Vendors can choose which products they would like to sell and set prices and inventory. Customers can select from many vendors selling the same product based anything from price to distance.

Flexible Product Approval System

Easily approve or reject new products uploaded by vendors from your admin dashboard. You can automatically or manually approve products based on different criteria, such as description or image quality. Rules can also be set to allow all products from verified vendors, but not from unverified ones. You can also choose either to approve product updates or let vendors update product details without moderation.

Promotions for Vendors

Give your vendors more opportunities to boost their own sales. Vendors can create their own product and basket promotions including offering free shipping, discounts, free products, coupon codes, and reward points.  This greatly helps boost vendors’ sales and attracts more vendors to your marketplace.

Vendor Locations

Vendor locations are great for local delivery or service networks. Customers can choose the shortest delivery time, drive time, or distance. Vendors or products can also be displayed on a map and filtered by distance. Customers can simply click and order from the closest one.

Marketing Features

Automate Sales and Email Marketing

Use built-in email rules to automatically send out content to your subscribers. Or connect to an Email Marketing service like Mailchimp to integrate your campaigns.

SEO Settings

Shuup’s easy to use SEO settings optimize your content for search engines like Google. Add meta tags, descriptions, and rewrite search-friendly URLs to increase your ranking.

shuup - multivendor features - seo

Create Blog and Video Content

Shuup’s easy to use SEO settings optimize your content for search engines like Google. Add meta tags, descriptions, and rewrite search-friendly URLs to increase your ranking.

Loyalty Programs

Reward point programs encourage customers to buy more and shop regularly. With Shuup you can easily setup a loyalty program, letting customers earn and spend points for purchases. You can decide on ratio of points to purchase value, limit points to certain products, or reward certain loyal customers more. Shuup features complex rules and payout features to create the perfect loyalty system.

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Payment Features

Multiple Payment Options

Accept any type of payment. Let customers pay by debit or credit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, or even cash on delivery.

Secure Customer Wallets

Let customers save and edit their payment methods, increasing interaction and conversion rates.

Any Payment Gateway

Connect any payment gateway through Shuup’s open API’s. Stripe and Paypal are built-in and ready to go. Let us know if you need your payment gateway integrated.

shuup - multivendor features - payment methods

Vendor Debt Payout

Motivate your vendors to pay you in time. You can block vendors who haven’t paid their monthly subscription fee or commissions in time. This solves problems fast and reduces communication between you and your vendors. They simply pay to be able to sell again.

Make Buyers Feel Safe by Delaying Vendor Payouts

Delay payments to sellers until the product or service is shipped or completed. This helps ensure that vendors stay on top of their orders and deliver on time. Customers feel secure knowing they will receive the product before the seller gets paid.

Various Licensing Models

Check out our Small Business Package for quickly launching your marketplace or POC. Access Shuup Enterprise Licensing for complex marketplace projects and innovations.

Adaptive Vendor Payouts and Commissions

Collect commissions on every sale! Pay your sellers automatically on a certain date, or when an order is complete. Customers can place orders with products from multiple sellers. Shuup automatically splits the payment and distributes the right amount to each vendor. It also automatically deducts commissions from each sale and distributes it to you. Focus on managing your marketplace not paying out vendors.

Reporting and Analytics Features


Get instant reports for sales, customers, coupon usage, inventory levels, and more. Create custom reports based on rules and filters to find exactly the information you are looking for. Export them in many formats.

shuup - multivendor features - reports
shuup - multivendor features - report total sales

Connect to Google

Measure your store and user behavior through Google’s own analytics platform. Simply paste your analytics javascript code into your theme’s custom javascript file.  You can also connect any other analytics or marketing platform in the same way.

Vendor Analytics for the Administrator

Measure vendor sales performance, order fulfillment completeness, customer satisfaction and more. Reward your best sellers and keep your quality high by regulating under-performers.

Account Balance, Sales Reports, and Analytics for Vendors

Sellers can view detailed statistics on their sales in your marketplace. Like the store administrator, sellers can view graphical or tabular charts, and export many different sales reports. Vendors can also view their account balance to track all payouts and commissions.

Find Non-Performing Products & Categories

Get detailed info on why certain items and categories aren’t selling. Optimize your stock levels and future purchases for greater inventory ROI.

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