Who are we?

Shoop Commerce Ltd is a company based in Santa Monica, CA. Our roots take us back to the Finland where we made our first ecommerce platform back in 2009.

A Brief History of Shuup

The story of Shuup began about three years ago when we realized that the ecommerce platforms on the market didn't respond to the needs of the merchants. Merchants wanted fast development times even for complex features. Our idea was to build a product that is affordable for the merchants, fast to develop, simple to use, ready for the demands of the global market, and open source.

Now, three years later, we have our 1.0 version out. It's a platform packed with features, endless extendability, and ready for anything. Our community is thriving, and new addons are being developed all the time.

The Future of Shuup

Anyone who knows anything about ecommerce understands that every merchant has their needs. That's why we are continuing adding new features to Shuup Commerce based on the actual merchant requirements, and since we are Open Source, these features will be available for everyone.