It’s the Season of Giving – We’ve Got Something Special for You

Dec. 2, 2016 Mikko Flagan

Shuup 1.0 is almost here!santa-holiday-christmas-open-source-ecommerce-web-linkedin-licensesanta-holiday-christmas-open-source-ecommerce-web-email-license

With the holidays around the corner, it’s the perfect time for our 1.0 release. We want to make sure its wrapped up just right.magical-holiday-christmas-open-source-ecommerce-square

We pulled most of our source to give it a complete overhaul. We’re polishing up the code and documentation to make sure everyone working with our product gets the best experience possible. Shuup was made for you and we want you to enjoy using it.

Our open source platform will get a complete makeover for the best 1.0 experience. Our UI has been improved to provide a more intuitive user experience for added efficiency in daily operations. Other powerful upgrades, features, and more API additions make running your complex eCommerce operation even easier.


Wait … Santa’s got more!

Our Shuup open source license is being revamped and will be released with Shuup 1.0. You can’t open the package until Christmas, so you’ll have to wait to find out the surprise!

The core version of our code is still available on our repo until the Shuup 1.0 release.

If you want full access to our Shuup source code, we are happy to oblige. Just contact one of our eCommerce Reps, they’re here to help.

Contact eCommerce Expert


We believe in Shuup Santa, and Shuup Santa always brings the well behaved kids things on their wish lists. You have all been behaving good this year, so now it's your turn to give him your wish.

Here's a bunch of info on the different license versions. 

MIT License

Apache License 2.0

GNU General Public License (GPL) 3.0

BSD License 2.0 (3-clause, New or Revised) License

GNU Affero General Public License v3

Closed Source


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Mikko Flagan

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