Shuup version 0.5.1 released!

Oct. 12, 2016 Panu Tulimäki

New Shuup version released with some improvements to admin and front. These changes will be soon available in Shuup Cloud and our Demo.

Note: In case you have custom themes enabled you might need to adjust those before you get these new features enabled.

Introduce admin wizard for initializing the shop. This means that the `shuup_init` management command will no longer generate all the necessary objects for enabled shop by default.

Add options to filter category view with category, manufacturer, price or variation values. Also enable option to sort by date created and limit of products shown in one page.

Change the way product order boxes are being rendered in front. This change will give more tools for developing themes with Shuup.

Add customer information dashboard for front. This way the end customer can manage his/hers customer details all from one dashboard. Like the previous front changes this will also cause some issues with custom themes. Also Personal Order history URL has now been changed from ``/orders`` to ``/order-history`` in case this is hardcoded for example in some email notification please adjust accordingly.

In case you have any questions about these features or you have hard time updating to latest version please contact us through forums or Gitter.

For the full list of changes see Change Log

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Panu Tulimäki

Panu Tulimäki


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