Shuup 0.5.4 released!

Nov. 17, 2016 Panu Tulimäki

New Shuup version is here!

We added usability fixes to admin. Refactor order creator. Also multiple help texts for initializing shop is now available for merchant. Now the default language is actually first in the multilanguage tabs. This change possibly will lead to issues with addons using multilanguage model form. Admin has now option to modify and add order statuses.

Front now has admin toolbar where the merchant can choose how products is shown instead of everything being visible for superuser. Also the xtheme editor including simple CMS got multiple improvements.

There is now better tools for creating themes and themes can now introduce guide with preview images for the merchant.

Multiple fixes and enhancements for previous versions.

For next version we are staing in same track usability and Cloud as our main focus. We will look into new integrations and addons and making it easier to create accounts with payment and shipping providers.


For the full list of changes see Change Log

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Panu Tulimäki

Panu Tulimäki


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