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Are you looking for a high performance, open source, enterprise commerce platform?​

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The complete solution

Shuup Enterprise merchants show unrivaled growth with our optimized sales platform and tools. Shuup Enterprise offers merchants industry leading storefront management, campaign tools, pricing tools, and total customization of the customer experience with everything working in a beautiful, responsive experience.

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Welcome to the age of the connected customer

No longer limited to single, traditional channels, the connected customer interacts with your brand across many touchpoints — online, in the store, and on the go. No longer a simple path, shopping journeys are complex and customer-driven, and can be initiated anytime, anywhere.


The highest enterprise ecommerce ROI

We built Shuup with the ROI in mind. With Shuup Enterprise, you will instantly realize the platform's efficiency from developing new features to everyday use.

End-to-End solutions

We take care of everything including hosting, hardware and maintenance so you can concentrate on your business and best utilize resources. We will seamlessly add innovations and features so your stores will stay ahead of the competition.

The lowest costs in the industry

The design of Shuup Enterprise platform eliminates the high cost of development, hosting and continuous support of other similar solutions like Magento and Demandware. We also provide regular updates with new, trending features for free to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Shuup Commerce is built to grow and easily extended

Shuup Enterprise’s open architecture seamlessly integrates with your business ecosystem and software. Integrations with top ecommerce applications allow you to easily connect to your business-critical partners and tools. Our easy APIs and webhooks let you efficiently build any integration you need.

Integrate to anything

With the built-in API's, Shuup Commerce lets you natively connect to your existing PIM software, ERP suites, CRM solutions, POS systems, marketing automation tools, and many other 3rd party applications.

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Unlimited power

Our open API and architecture doesn’t limit data calls. Transfer data from every part of our platform in real time, such as Products, Customers, Orders, Payments, Shipping, and more.

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Superior addon ecosystem

Addons implementing industry leading technologies can easily extend the Shuup Commerce API to allow even the most complex of integrations and features. All addons in our Marketplace are guaranteed tested and reliable.

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Unforgettable experiences for shoppers

Shuup Enterprise theme framework allows you to build amazing, fully customized online stores that attract, engage and convert shoppers.

Reduce your go-to-market time with our modern development tools for easy and efficient coding.  Shuup makes it easy for you to increase sales and personalize the shopping experience with industry leading marketing, analytics, targeting, and conversion tools.

Instantly stage any environment

Preview changes across desktop and mobile displays simultaneously using your actual store so you can see how they look before they go live.

Personalized shopping experiences

Make each shopper feel special by personalizing your store based on customer attributes, location, time of day and behavior data.

Modern Storefront

Build and launch sites quickly and easily with a feature-rich storefront, a native responsive design, and multilingual, multicurrency logic.

Partner with top designers and expert developers

Shuup Enterprise platform attracts the best designers and developers in the industry by giving them superior customizability and reliability. Our solution partner ecosystem includes top-notch agencies available to build and brand your store.

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Shuup Solution Partner

Solution Partners are implementation and web design companies who build and implement beautiful and high performing online stores.

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Shuup Technology Partner

Our technology partners provide better customer support, more accurate reporting, easier inventory, smoother delivery, increased sales, improved customer retention and profitability through powerful addons and integrations.

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Shuup Hosting partner

Hosting Partners provide top level web and database server performance that ensures the stable, secure and swift loading of any web store.

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Shuup Enterprise, the most versatile platform on the planet.