Frequently Asked Questions

Why Shuup?

Shuup is an open source enterprise eCommerce solution for customized multi-vendor or standalone B2B and B2C e-commerce stores. Shuup is built to help get your products or your merchants’ products everywhere that your consumers are: search engines, sales channels, comparison shopping engines, social media, Android and iOS apps, blogs, and more. Shuup’s enterprise solution will streamline how you manage your online business or marketplace. Daily operations are easy to manage, automate, and scale.


What can I do with Shuup?

Shuup is a comprehensive solution that allows you to control every aspect of your online business. From multi-vendor and shop-in-shop, content, channel, marketing and order management, to B2B and enterprise resource options and mobile and social solutions, Shuup is the most robust offering available. With Shuup you can log in to one place to manage every aspect of your online business including multi-merchant controls and permissions. The flexibility of Shuup and its API connections means that it can integrate with all your legacy systems to streamline your ecommerce ecosystem.


What are multi-vendor, multi-merchant, and shop-in-shop ecommerce solutions and marketplaces?

Multi-vendor, multi-merchant, and shop-in-shop are industry leading ecommerce business strategies that enable you to quickly launch one to hundreds of ecommerce websites and mobile stores using our single integrated Shuup platform. Through Shuup you can setup marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy where unlimited numbers of merchants can sell products from one single location. You can set permissions and give merchants the access they need to upload products and brand their stores on your Shuup instance.

  • Single product catalog supports multiple ecommerce websites
  • Single user-friendly admin manages multiple merchants, online stores and brands
  • Give Merchants total control, no IT resources needed to design, launch or manage their individual ecommerce stores

How can I use it? How do I install Shuup?

Our Enterprise Edition is built to handle the big guns, so it does take some expertise or web development knowledge to install it on a server. If you need help installing Shuup you can visit our documentation section and forum. You can also contact a customer service representative to setup a consultation call or choose one of our great partners to help you out.

The basic procedure involves these steps:

  1. Download a compressed file that contains the Shuup software
  2. Extract it on your Shuup server generally through FTP
  3. Install the Shuup software using the command line
  4. Upgrade the Shuup application and extensions using the command line

What about users on mobile?

Shuup was designed mobile ready: responsive (back and front-end), and featuring mobile technology advancements.


Can I really make an app?

Yes! Instantly turn your Enterprise Shuup solution into a full-fledged, native Android or iOS app. Control its functionality and design directly from within Shuup.


I'm looking to switch to Shuup from another eCommerce platform. How do I get my data over?

It's easy to import products, customers, orders and attributes into your Shuup store from a standard CSV file. Magento, Demandware and other platforms offer a way to export data generally to CSV. With these data files, you can import them into Shuup through our import tools. While this is a viable option, the complexity of your migration may require additional support. Read our User Guides to do it yourself, or contact us to see how our Enterprise migration services can transfer your data for you. Our partner section also has plenty of great companies to help you out. We are also working on a one-click migration tool that will make it super easy, stay tuned.


Is my data safe and secure?

The security and uptime of your store tops our priority list. We protect your site and data with military-grade security and encryption. Our software keeps all data secure including customer information. Credit card numbers are never stored in the system.


Which countries and currencies can be used with Shuup?

Shuup works in almost every country and currency. The payment provider you use may limit these.


Which languages are supported?

Technically any! Our ecommerce storefront, checkout, email communications, and administrative interface can currently be in English, Italian, Portuguese, and Finnish, but you can also add translations to any part of the Shuup code. Our translation team is also constantly working on adding new languages, so stay tuned for updates.


Where can I get tips and discuss techniques with Shuup devs and other Shuup users?

You can share your ecommerce tips and tricks and get advice from other Shuup users in the Shuup forums. Our forums are full of experienced shop owners and designers who are eager to help each other out. Our Shuup core developers also love to chat and regularly contribute to the discussions; you can chat with them on our Gitter.


Where can I find tutorials and guides?

You can find detailed tutorials and guides for your ecommerce website in the Shuup forum and from our Developer Documentation and our Merchant Documentation


What do I do when I get an order?

It depends how much automation you have setup. After you get a new order notification, you would go to your store admin and check out the details screen for that order. If you need to get more information from your customer, you can contact them directly. Then package up the order, send it to the shipping address provided, then mark the order as shipped within Shuup to keep track of things. If you have automation setup through payment processors and shipping methods, this could all be done automatically.


Can I get someone else to take care of shipping and payments?

Yes! Shuup integrates with payment gateways and ecommerce fulfillment services. It comes with Stripe for payments and Shipstation for shipments built-in. You can also connect your store to any other shipping provider or payment system through our API and addons. For a complete list of supported shipping providers and payment gateways see here.


Can I customize it?

Of course! Shuup comes with built-in templates and themes that you can apply instantly to your shop. You can customize your shop through our easy user interface or directly from the code and style sheets. Complex customization will take some frontend web development expertise. With our API connection and integrations, you can connect it to any 3rd party CDN, design network, or media platform, giving you unlimited customization power.


Can I use my own addons or software with it?

The flexibility of Shuup and its connections means that it can integrate with all your legacy systems to streamline your ecommerce ecosystem. When it comes to third-party systems, you can theoretically connect as many as you desire. Shuup’s open architecture lets you connect to nearly any part of the platform, including Products, Customers, Orders, Payments, Shipping and more. Our platform enables you to integrate with virtually any third party systems including accounting software, CMS platforms, CRM solutions and leading enterprise resource planning solutions like NetSuite, Sage, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.


Do you have call limits on your APIs?



Are updates free?

Yes! We always offer free updates to our core software, frontend, themes, and addons.


What about Support?

Priority support is available to our enterprise license holders and through priority support plans. You receive exclusive access to our core developers and senior technical support members at Shuup and will jump to the front of the support queue when you have an issue. To learn more about other exclusive services to Enterprise customers, call 1(888)902-6337 or click here to reach a Shuup eCommerce consultant.


What about huge loads of data? Will it perform with millions of SKUs?

Shuup is built to perform under the most extreme of situations and loads. Unlimited SKU’s, unlimited merchants, unlimited data; Shuup can handle it. We have load tested our platform under every imaginable situation to ensure it can handle anything you throw at it.


Do you support B2B web shops?

Yes, Shuup was built with our years of B2B solution experience. We have set it up to create and manage complex back-end B2B systems and to facilitate B2B order management, user groups, warehousing and more.