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Talk to Shuup sales to get a customized license offer.

Great for full-scale production
  • Shuup Multivendor Platform Source Code + Addons and Integrations
  • Ability to customize and create proprietary code (without the need of sharing)
  • Ability to implement private Shuup projects, customizations, integrations, and addons
  • Access to Shuup hot fixes and version upgrades
  • Latest Shuup Core release version support
  • Access to Shuup API, roadmap, forum, and guide documentation
$1300 per month
Great for launching your public offering
  • Replace the Shuup name in the final product.
per month $149
Yours forever
  • Own the code outright.
per month $149

Customizable support plans available.

Hourly, monthly, or yearly developers available. Send us your requirements so we can build you the perfect support plan.

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We can build anything – just ask!

No matter how complex your project, Shuup development services can handle it.

Talk to a development expert today!

We turn ideas into reality.

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Shuup is also offered under Open Source Licensing.