Meet Shuupster

Ellie Kantanen

Role: Account Director
Lives: in California
Education: Master of Economics

Meet Shuupster Ellie - Shuup Multivendor marketplace sales specialist 2

About Ellie’s life

Ellie was born in Finland. She graduated from Jyväskylä University with a master’s degree in Economics. Ellie’s parents sparked her interest in seeing the world and travelling from an early childhood. During her studies she decided she wanted to do her internship outside of the EU. She found out that the Consulate General of Finland in LA, CA was looking for an intern. Ellie got accepted and moved to the United States. During her internship she was helping Finnish companies “conquer” the West Coast and establish international trade relationships.

During the internship she met her future husband and decided to stay in LA permanently.

Ellie summarizes her story as “what was supposed to be a six months internship turns out to be a life-long journey”.

Before joining Shuup Ellie worked in sales and event production planning and executing business seminars and internationalization programs for companies.

Ellie & Shuup

Ellie is an Account Director and multivendor marketplace sales specialist,  which means she is the first person to talk to Shuup customers and oversee the implementation of their projects. She loves helping Shuup customers bring their marketplace dreams to life. Ellie says that each customer story is unique and she enjoys helping them every step of the way with their business logic and market strategies.

Working remotely in 2020 has been challenging, but the Shuup team has been extremely helpful and welcoming ever since she started with the company in July.

Ellie was interested in Shuup because it has a fast paced work environment and great team members.  “I never have a dull moment at Shuup”, says Ellie.

Ellie’s inspiration

Ellie loves travelling and exploring new places, cultures and ways to communicate. Unfortunately, this year, there hasn’t been many opportunities to travel but Ellie is looking forward to future adventures.

Nature is another thing that inspires and energizes Ellie. California has been just the right place for that with its sunny weather (unlike rainy Finland), beautiful landscapes and many picturesque hiking trails.


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