The Power of Community

Merchants want fast development times, even for complex features. Our idea was to build a product that is affordable for merchants, fast to develop, simple to use, ready for the demands of the global market, and open source.

It’s a platform packed with features, has endless extendability, and is ready for anything. Our community is thriving, and new addons are being developed all the time. Welcome to the world of true open source ecommerce.

  • Community Driven – Shuup stays ahead of ecommerce trends by taking features that our community needs.

  • Merchant Requirements – We add what merchants need to our platform. By listening to our community and clients, our platform evolves with must have features.

  • Features for all – Because we are Open Source, all features added to Shuup Ecommerce will be available for everyone.

Great for MVP productions and scaling
  • Open Source code is property of Shuup Inc
  • (OSL-3.0)
  • No license expenses
  • No vendor lock
  • OS version updated monthly by Shuup Inc
  • OS roadmap
per month $20

Support our Open Source Software

We appreciate all the love and support we have so far recieved from our community!


Shuup is an Open Source E-Commerce Platform based on Django and Python.


Copyright (C) 2012-2019 by Shoop Commerce Ltd. <>


Contributor License Agreement is required for any contribution to this project. The agreement is signed as a part of pull request process. See the CLA.rst file distributed with Shuup.


Shuup is published under Open Software License version 3.0 (OSL-3.0). See the LICENSE file distributed with Shuup.

Some external libraries and contributions bundled with Shuup may be published under other compatible licenses. For these, please refer to file in the source code tree or the licenses included within each package.

Getting Started with Shuup development

See Getting Started with Shuup Development.

Contributing to Shuup

Interested in contributing to Shuup? Please see our Contribution Guide.


Shuup documentation is available online at Read the Docs.

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Got the skills to join the Shuup’s technical board?

Find out how to become a Shuup open source contributor.

Shuup is also offered under Enterprise Solution Licensing and with Custom Development Projects.