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Streamline Sales Floors

Make the store work for you.

Control your entire sales operations from one easy app customized for your unique sales floor and products.

Automate your inventory tasks and sync stock between sales floor, stock room, and vendors to ensure you always have what’s needed.

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Easy, Powerful Point of Sale

Store management software built for any industry. Our core comes complete with POS, Inventory Management, Employee Management, Sales Reports, and more.


Lightning fast terminals designed for quick order creation.

Easy to learn, easy to train.

Instant search finds exactly what your sales person is looking for, usually in the first letter.

The software tracks all your sales, saves receipts, and preps reports ready for your CPA or accounting software for import.

No more fumbling with browsers or the phone. Our system determines if your customer is in the system, then checks their status and purchase history for you.

Feal safe knowing our HIPAA compliant system securely stores your customer records. Permission levels can be set to allow only certain employees access. Customer details are then added to your robust Customer Management system for marketing, retargeting, and personalizing their service.

Follow their every move, how long they shop, what they like to buy, and anything else you can use to better serve them. Use this data to engage them in and out of your store.

As more customer data is gathered, you will gain a deeper understanding of the different types of people, or segments, that shop in your store. Use this to provide the right products at the right time.

The biggest thing hitting your bottom line are the lossages you suffer every day. Track everything, then find the leaks and fill them.

With intuitive User Interface, supercharged search, and pricing and quantity tiers, you can get through you inventory in no time. Record every transaction from purchase to sale. The system syncs between sales floor, stock room, and even vendors and purchase orders so the data is already working for you.

Because everything in the Shuup system syncs in real-time, you can immediately check to see what is going on. Know when you are running low, when your employees need to clock out, and even when to pay your electric bill. Never fall behind.

By finding the loss leaks, increasing performance, and adapting to information gathered, you maximize the earning potential of your business. Shuup is a platform designed to elevate businesses to enterprise heights.

Handle employees and measure their performance. Reward your hardest workers!

Employees can be restricted from seeing data you don’t want them to see. Handle every department and complex hierarchies.

Analyze performance to plug leaks, maximize sales output, increase up-sells and more.

Find where you are losing product, money, or time. Optimize everything.

Customers go back to the shop that hooks them up. Get them coming back with rewards, loyalty, and freebies.

Get in front of your customers wherever they are online. Promote deals and products using the latest in targeting tools.

Know the ups and downs of every aspect of your business, from holiday sales, to mystery lulls.

By knowing everything about your customers, you can reach them in ways you would have never thought possible.

Optimize Your Sales Floors