-50% off the first month

Truly custom marketplace platform for building any innovative feature you can think of.

Shuup NOW Cloud

Launch your e-commerce enterprise today.

$99 / month

(Get started for only $45 the first month)

  • What You Get

  • -50% off the first month

    Take Shuup for a spin, setup your first products and vendors, and test out all the features.

  • All Shuup Marketplace Features

    Get access to every Shuup feature including all our integrations and addons. (Custom development services available for purchase hourly at $149/hour)

  • Switch to Self Hosted

    Need a feature or integration we don't have? Switch to Self hosted and have your developers build it

Shuup NEXT Self Hosted

Custom, scalable marketplace and source code access.

$499 / month (paid annually)

Your developers set it up on your server for efficient development.

  • What You Get

  • All Shuup Features

    You get access to all Shuup marketplace features and integrations, as well as updates for as long as you are subscribed. (Updates are installed manually by your developers. Update services available for purchase hourly at $149/hour)

  • Full source code access

    Your developers can access the Shuup source code and API's of your marketplace for complete customization and scalability. (Development services available for purchase hourly at $149/hour)

  • Develop at your own pace

    Once you take over access of your custom marketplace, hosting, and code, you can develop new features or integrations whenever you see fit.  (Custom development services available for purchase hourly at $149/hour)