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Storefront Sales

Store management software built for any industry. Find where you are losing product, money, or time. Optimize everything with one simple app.

Keep on selling even when the internet goes out. Never worry about downtime with auto updates and sync. More info

Lightning fast terminals designed for quick order creation. More info

Easy to learn, easy to train. More info

Instant search finds exactly what your sales person is looking for, usually in the first letter. More info

The software integrates with the leading accounting software systems and tracks all your sales, saves receipts, and preps reports ready for your CPA. More info

Online Store

Online retail built for the complexities of your products. Powered by Open Source. Manage inventory and sync it across retail locations and drivers.

Online retail built for the complexities of your products. Manage inventory and sync it across retail locations or delivery drivers. More info

Ecommerce framework designed for and used by fortune 500 companies. Scales and grows with your operation. More info

Perfectly sync your products and inventories in real-time on all of your sales channels: Amazon, eBay, blogs, social media, comparison engines, search engines, and more. More info

Today’s modern customer is tech savvy and in a hurry. Let them order in a click, wherever they are. More info

Shuup Ecommerce theme framework allows you to build amazing, fully customized online stores that attract, engage and convert shoppers. More info

Make each shopper feel special by personalizing your store based on customer attributes, location, time of day and behavior data. More info

Build and launch sites quickly and easily with a feature-rich storefront, a native responsive design, and multilingual, multi-currency logic. More info

Inventory Management

Inventory management for complex and unique inventories. Track products from purchase, to sales floor, to customer returns.

The biggest thing hitting your bottom line are the lossages you suffer every day. Track everything, then find the leaks and fill them. More info

With intuitive User Interface, supercharged search, and pricing and quantity tiers, you can get through you inventory in no time. Record every transaction from purchase to sale. The system syncs between sales floor, stock room, and even vendors and purchase orders so the data is already working for you. More info

Because everything in the Shuup system syncs in real-time, you can immediately check to see what is going on. Know when you are running low, when your employees need to clock out, and even when to pay your electric bill. Never fall behind. More info

By finding the loss leaks, increasing performance, and adapting to information gathered, you maximize the earning potential of your business. Shuup is a platform designed to elevate businesses to enterprise heights. More info

Delivery Orders

Everything you need to setup your own GrubHub, DoorDash, or Postmates.

Take orders from your beautiful ecommerce webshop and then send out drivers fast. More info

Give drivers freedom and workplace satisfaction, while at the same time measuring performance and efficiency. More info

Check-in customers, check inventory, and handle orders all from your mobile phone. More info

Payment Support

Accept all major cards from customers in your store, on the web, and on mobile.

Get started quickly and start accepting cards without long term contracts or agreements. More info

Pay as you go and only for your transactions processed. More info

Runs on Any Device

Today’s modern customer is tech savvy and in a hurry. Let them order in a click, wherever they are.

Download Shuup from the App Store or Play Store now.

Complete complex operations and retail management duties from your online store back-end.


Shuup integrates with the most used Accounting software systems such as Quickbooks and Freshbooks, and provides easy exporting of import ready CSV files.

Update your accounting software with instant sales, tax, and customer information. More info

Keep your business up to date and always pay proper tax amounts with region specific tax rules. More info

Hardware Capabilities

Shuup software integrates with all the latest cash register, printer, and scanner brands such as Elo Machines.

Incorporate RFID, barcode, and ID scanners and all the latest retail tools. More info

Get updates to Shuup software and hardware integrations with minimal interruption of service. More info

Customer Relationships

Store management software built for any industry. Find where you are losing product, money, or time. Optimize everything with one simple app.

No more fumbling with browsers or the phone. Our system determines if your customer is in the system, then checks their status and purchase history for you. More info

Feal safe knowing our HIPAA compliant system securely stores your customer records. Permission levels can be set to allow only certain employees access. Customer details are then added to your robust Customer Management system for marketing, retargeting, and personalizing their service. More info

Follow their every move, how long they shop, what they like to buy, and anything else you can use to better serve them. Use this data to engage them in and out of your store. More info

As more customer data is gathered, you will gain a deeper understanding of the different types of people, or segments, that shop in your store. Use this to provide the right products at the right time. More info

Marketing and Loyalty

Attract and convert new paying customers and keep them coming back. Follow their every move and hit them with timely, relevent marketing campaigns.

Customers go back to shops that hook them up. Get them coming back with rewards, loyalty points, and freebies. More info

Get in front of your customers wherever they are online. Promote deals and products using the latest in targeting tools. More info

Know the ups and downs of every aspect of your business, from holiday sales, to mystery lulls. More info

By knowing everything about your customers, you can reach them in ways you would have never thought possible. More info


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I use Shuup POS on multiple cash registers at the same time?2018-05-08T09:51:37+00:00

Yes. You can install Shuup POS on multiple devices for free. All your activity on all devices is synchronized with your Shuup admin.

Are there any transaction fees or hidden fees I should worry about?2018-05-08T10:06:13+00:00

There are no transaction fees for Point of Sale, Delivery, or Online Orders.

What is Shuup Online Store and Ecommerce?2018-05-08T10:15:01+00:00

Shuup Online Store allows you to sell your products to any customer through the web. Customers can browse products on your Web Shop and complete purchases online. All your inventory and operations can be handled through your Shuup admin panel.

What is Shuup Delivery?2018-05-08T10:15:40+00:00

Shuup Delivery lets you control complex local delivery operations with Web Shop for ordering and Delivery apps for drivers. Drivers can accept or be assigned deliveries and can handle orders once they reach their location. All drivers can be monitored and handled through the Shuup admin panel.

What is Shuup Point of Sale?2018-05-08T10:16:19+00:00

Shuup POS lets you make transactions and run your physical store, pop-up shop, or food truck. You can search for products, process orders, take payments, print receipts, track sales, and control your whole operation from your mobile device. From your shop admin, you can add products, monitor inventory, print reports, and connect to accounting tools like Quickbooks.

What type of businesses can use Shuup?2018-05-08T10:17:04+00:00

Shuup can be used by any retail business that sells products or services. Virtually any type, and any size retail environment. Typical business that can use Shuup include retail stores, food & beverage shops, pop-up stores, food trucks, food delivery services, wholesalers and distributors, and any new or established retail business. We appreciate recommendations or requests for features that may better accommodate your market or niche.

Does open source Shuup support Multi-Vendor?2018-06-14T15:34:57+00:00

Yes, Multivendor is supported in Open Source Shuup.

Although this would mean that you would need to host it independently, and likely you will need a Python/Django developer to set it up for you. You would also need to customize the front for your multishop/marketplace purposes.

We do offer hourly based design and development development services to our customers, depending on your needs.

We also offer Shuup Independent Licenses and support starting at $1250/month.

Read more about Multi-Vendor Pricing and Licensing.

Please let us know if you are interested in hearing more about our development and partnership opportunities.

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