In this webcast, Damian Priday, the CEO of Vynlyf, discusses how Shuup helped him create an e-commerce marketplace that shares the experiences, stories, and memories of great wines  with friends and families. Damian discusses the inspiration behind Vynlyf, the power of wine, and how the wine industry has evolved over the past year and a half.

Damian Priday and the start of Vynlyf

Prior to starting Vynlyf, Damian worked in the wine industry. His father also worked in the wine industry while Damian was growing up.  Damian found that wine has a certain intimacy and power to it  and wanted to celebrate this in way that all wine lovers could enjoy. He started sketching his idea for a marketplace in a paper notebook and partnered with his father on business and marketing strategies. From there, Vynlyf was born.

About Vynlyf

Vynlyf is a place for small wineries to connect with wine lovers. Whether a customer is a seasoned wine lover or someone who is just looking to try something new, Vynlyf offers the right wine for you. The website features filters based on methods, character, color, and type and offers a section dedicated to sharing the stories behind the ones who create the wines—the wineries and their owners!

Vynlyf & Shuup: The start of something new

Damian discusses all of the ways Shuup was able to meet his needs through a clever analogy. He compares Shuup to building a house. He notes that when building a house, you can change, customize, and create add-ons as you wish. The possibilities and customizations are never ending with Shuup.

Damian offers some key advice for anyone looking to start an e-commerce marketplace as well. He urges anyone interested in creating an e-commerce marketplace to do the research on the industry. Damian notes that his, “Bedtime, nigh table readings were industry reports…even some from over 5 years ago.” Putting the time in before hand is the best thing you can do for your e-commerce business according to Damian.

Damian ends the webcast by discusses his favorite wines and reminds viewers that this is only the beginning of Vynlyf. There are so many new things in the works and the best is yet to come!

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