In this webcast, Akriti Srivastava, the CEO and co-founder of Daycare Owl, discusses how Shuup helped her create an e-commerce marketplace to transform the child care community. Akriti additionally speaks to the importance of having a means of searching for affordable and safe child care.

Akriti Srivastava and the Start of Daycare Owl

Prior to starting Daycare Owl, Akriti owned a successful licensed daycare facility in which she learned a lot about the child care market. While running her own child care facility, Akriti noticed that there was a need in the market for a searching and booking tool that could not only help parents find safe and affordable licensed daycare professionals, but also provide licensed child care professionals with an easy-to-use way to market their services. Akriti says that she created Daycare Owl to, “Bridge the growing gap between parents and licensed childcare providers…childcare rates are skyrocketing especially with facilities shutting down left and right.”

In addition to this, Akriti wanted to use her marketing experience in the child care community to solve an economic problem. Daycare Owl markets licensed day cares differently than large social media platforms such as Yelp and Facebook by allowing parents and user to also book with the daycare. Daycare Owl combines the marketing and review functionality of Yelp and Facebook with the booking functionality that most licensed child care facilities had to manually do prior. The platform additionally helps licensed daycare facilities segment their weekly rate into weekly, daily, and hourly child care. Akriti created Daycare Owl to solve several problems in a way that has never been done before.

Daycare Owl & Shuup: The start of something new

Akriti discusses all of the ways Shuup was able to meet her needs in this webcast. She talks in depth about Shuup’s team of developers, our detailed communication and processes, and how we were able to create a working product that—as of July 2020—has produced working transactions. She also mentions how Shuup was able to create a customized e-commerce marketplace that no one else was able to do.

Akriti offers some key advice for anyone looking to start an e-commerce marketplace. She notes, “Anyone can start an e-commerce marketplace…[they] are a way of the future. They enable both sides (vendors/shops and the end customer).” When asked if Akriti would recommend Shuup, she said, “I would absolutely recommend Shuup because they know what they are doing!”

Daycare Owl went from a concept to a working business thanks to Shuup; truly a dream turned into a reality.

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