In this webcast, Ian Phyper, the CEO of Farmers2Market and the co-founder of GrogTrot, discusses how Shuup helped him create a marketplace connecting farmers to their communities. Ian additionally speaks to why he wanted to pursue a multivendor marketplace and his experience with the Shuup team.

Ian Phyper and the start of Farmers2Market Online Farmers Market & GrogTrot

Ian Phyper grew up with a background in farming and has over 20 years of experience in hospitality general management. When the COVID-19 epidemic hit, Ian realized that farmers were suffering greatly due to social distancing regulations and lock-down orders. He wanted to combine his business and farming passions to create a space where farmers could still thrive during a nationwide epidemic while simultaneously creating a community spirit.

Additionally, Ian and his brother Bruce Phyper created another platform called GrogTrot with Shuup to address another problem sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic—contactless QR code menus for order-to-location service. While this is not the center of the webcast, Ian refers to GrogTrot throughout the interview.

Ian’s Farmers2Market Goals

With an idea as great and grand as Farmers2Market, Ian knew he needed a team like Shuup’s to transform his vision. First and foremost, Ian wanted a cost-effective platform that was affordable for his vendors. Ian also discusses the importance of having an easy-to-use platform that could be used across the U.S. and Canada within a short amount of time. Where would he find a solution to all of these things? You guessed it, Shuup!

Farmers2Market & Shuup: The start of something new

Ian discusses all of the ways Shuup was able to meet his needs in this webcast. He talks in depth about Shuup’s affordable pricing, detailed communication and processes, and easy-to-use vendor sign-up and management.

He shares in the webcast, “I went with Shuup because not only is it a great team of engineers that were able to help me develop the program, but they could look at it and we could troubleshoot what I was trying to aim for together and the end result meant that I didn’t need to charge a monthly description. I could have a platform that was extremely cost effective for my clientele and I was still able to formulate putting in a good revenue stream for us and we are able to develop it on the premise that we don’t make money until the farmer makes a sale.”

Farmers2Market and GrogTrot are two visions that became business realities thanks to Shuup. Ian offers a piece of advice for anyone thinking about pursuing a multivendor marketplace at the end of the webcast in which he urges anyone with an idea to speak with the Shuup team.

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