In this webcast, Tamara Fuchs, Shuup’s Growth and People manager, and Ellie Kantanen, Shuup’s Technical Sales Director, discusses the customer journey with Shuup. Ellie speaks to the sales process with Shuup including scheduling a demo, creating specifications, and scalability discussions. Tamara provides viewers with an overview of the production process including building the marketplace, testing custom features, and launching the marketplace for the end-users.

The Customer Journey Overview

Here at Shuup, we support our clients and help make their marketplace dreams a reality. We partner with them during the sales process to pinpoint their exact needs and identify their business vision. From there, we discuss scalability, budget, and timeline to design a first phase of work for their marketplace. Production will then begin and their project manager will make sure that all phase 1 work is done in a timely manner. The goal of phase 1 is to create a functioning and attractive marketplace to begin hosting customers and creating revenue for our client. The journey is cyclical in a sense as Shuup is always there to provide additional custom work and support as needed.

The Sales Process

As Ellie discusses, the sales process begins with a demo. Clients are encouraged to schedule a free demo to begin their journey with Shuup. During the demo call, the client speaks to their business needs and wants. Shuup will share what comes with our out-of-the-box functionalities and discuss how we could build you the best e-commerce marketplace possible.

Ellie notes that many of our clients choose Shuup because of our:

  1. Fast turn-around times
  2. Dedicated teams
  3. Affordable
  4. Fully customizable
  5. Scalability—the sky’s the limit!

The Production Process

Tamara then discusses what happens during and after the production process. Every project manager begins building the marketplace with a client kick-off call. The kick-off call gives the client the opportunity to describe the marketplace and agreed upon specifications in terms of the business vision they have. From there, the developer team begins to build and design the marketplace and all of the customizations from the specifications document. Several status meetings, discussions, and testing procedures are followed throughout the production process.

Once the marketplace has been completed, tested, and signed-off on, the project manager and client schedule a Launch Day meeting. During this meeting, the project manager and client reflect on their journey and ensure everything is ready to go live. Together, we take down any password protection on the marketplace website and make it live to the end-customer. After going live, Shuup is there to provide support to the client. If needed, the client may elect to circle back to sales and discuss the next phase for scalability.

We end the webcast by reading some quotes from our customers regarding our affordable, customizable, and fully scalable services. If you or anyone you know is unsure of what e-commerce marketplace service to pick, we highly recommend watching this webcast and getting a taste of Shuup’s typical customer journey!

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